10 Trends That Will Change The Way You Market in 2015

10 Trends Marketing 2015

2015 will bring great deal of changes on how you plan and carry out a marketing campaign. Here are some of them:

  1. Google’s Penguin 3.0 will give those whose ranks were affected negatively in the past a fresh chance to start over.
    Your website cannot appear like you are doing “active SEO”. Google’s core rule is that any inbound links should be natural and not optimized.
  1. Content, content, content! Brands that will produce more useful and relevant content are more likely to get noticed.
    This hasn’t changed, but it has gotten more competitive. The web is a very noisy place and in order for your brand to stand out to your target audience/customer, you’re going to have to get really intimate. In order to get really intimate with your customers, you have to really get to know what they like, love and what their deepest desires are.
  1. Social Media Marketing will have a more thoughtful and personal interaction, and as a result, more effective in acquiring and retaining followers.
    Like Trend #2, brands have to get more personal. Brands that are genuinely responsive and actively listening to its audience are going to create real loyal advocacy among their customer base.
  1. Doesn’t have a LinkedIn account? Now is the time to sign-up and create a profile for your personal brand!
    LinkedIn will become more important as it will help brands promote their products and services easier by helping them connect and share their content with people within the industry.
  1. Infographics is a fresh cool way to promote your brand.
    Visual content will become more important for brands to turn their data into valuable and helpful images that can promote their products and services. People love sound bites, they are memorable. Infographics are like visual sound bites for key information that your brand is trying to get across in an entertaining and visual manner.
  1. Perhaps people are getting tired of only having online friends. Old school promotion is back!
    More in-person events that will get you up-close and personal with your audience will be a very effective way to market your brand. Retails stores will make a comeback this year as they work harder at building real engagement through physical interaction and store events.
  1. It’s no longer enough to superficially view your analytical data.
    Analytics will play an even bigger role to determine your online presence, social media reach, and what is actually working for your brand. It will also be pivotal in determining your online strategy.
  1. People are consuming information in many different ways. Cover all types of media to promote your brand!
    Brand awareness will get new attention through promotional videos, images, articles and other types of media and native advertising.
  1. Brand engagement will become more important and you’ll have to fight for it.
    Because the internet, while still ripe with opportunity, is getting really crowded. Your marketing message has to be super dialed in to your core audience and once you get them, you have to earn the right to keep them by increasing your participation and interactions.
  1. Real, organic followers will get you far!
    With the recent “sweeping” of dummy and irrelevant accounts on Instagram, astroturfing your way to the top will only do your brand harm. There is no more “free lunch” on social media. Planning out a strategy and backing it up with a budget to help you widen your reach will be the best way to get more traffic and engagements for your online business.


Written by: Shirley Tan


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