Site Usability and Conversion review

It was a no-brainer to decide that you needed a website. It was fun to pick the design elements and exciting to create a solid web presence but, you’re still not getting the sales you forecast, so what’s the problem?

Your Concerns:

  1. Are you visitors finding what they need on your website?
  2. Are you getting conversions and sales?
  3. Are there are major usability pitfalls?
  4. How do you compare against your competition?
  5. Are you spending money to drive traffic only to lose them due to poor usability?

 Our Solution: 

We believe that creating a good website is as much a science as an art.

  • We’ll do a site review to make sure that you are covering all the ecommerce best practices.
  • We think in terms of visual impact and targeted content, but more importantly we offer advice that will optimize your marketing spend and increase sales.
  • We will ensure that your website navigation is intuitive and user-friendly. We will help your website deliver the bang for its buck!

If you are unsure about your websites conversion potential, have a blah website design or have difficulty with getting repeat sales, we have solutions for you. Our boots-on-the-ground ecommerce experience can help you make the most of your website, help you with overall increase in conversions and grow your sales!

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